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  Books: About  
  The Last Time I Dreamed About the War: Essays on the Life and Writing of W. D. Ehrhart. Jean-Jaques Malo, ed. McFarland & Company, Inc., 2014. The twenty contributors - scholars, publishers, poets - are from the U. S., France, Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, Inda and Japan.  
  Books: Poetry  
  Thank You for Your Service: Collected Poems, McFarland & Company, Inc., 2019.  
  From the Bark of the Daphne Tree, Adastra Press, 2013.  
  The Bodies Beneath the Table, Adastra Press, 2010.  
  Beautiful Wreckage: New & Selected Poems, Adastra Press, 1999.  
  The Distance We Travel, Adastra Press, 1993.  
  Just for Laughs, Viet Nam Generation & Burning Cities Press, 1990.  
  The Outer Banks & Other Poems, Adastra Press, 1984.  
  To Those Who Have Gone Home Tired, Thunder's Mouth Press, 1984.  
  The Samisdat Poems, Samisdat, 1980.  
  A Generation of Peace, New Voices Publishing Company, 1975.  
  Books: Prose  
  What We Can and Can't Afford: Essays on Vietnam, Patriotism and American Life, McFarland & Company, Inc., 2023.  
  Passing Time, Revised version, McFarland & Company, Inc., 2022.  
  W. D. Ehrhart in Conversation: Vietnam, America and the Written Word, Jean-Jaques Malo, ed., McFarland & Company, Inc., 2017.  
  Dead on a High Hill: Essays on War, Literature and Living, 2002-2012, McFarland & Company, Inc., 2012.  
  The Madness of It All: Essays on War, Literature, and American Life, McFarland & Company, Inc., 2002.  
  Ordinary Lives: Platoon 1005 and the Vietnam War, Temple University Press, 1999.  
  Busted: A Vietnam Veteran in Nixon's America, University of Massachusetts Press, 1995. Re-issued by McFarland, 2021.  
  In the Shadow of Vietnam: Essays 1977-1991, McFarland & Company, Inc., 1991.  
  Passing Time: Memoir of a Vietnam Veteran Against the War, McFarland & Company, Inc., 1989.  
  Going Back: An Ex-Marine Returns to Vietnam, McFarland & Company, Inc., 1987.  
  Vietnam-Perkasie: A Combat Marine Memoir, McFarland & Company, Inc., 1983.  
  Books: Translations  
  Memoir of an Anti-Vietnam War Veteran (original English: Passing Time: Memoir of a Vietnam Veteran Against the War), Yoko Shirai, trans., Tosui Shobo Publishers, Tokyo, Japan, 2015.  
  Unaccustomed Mercy: Soldier-Poets of the Vietnam War, Texas Tech Univ. Press, 1989.  
  Carrying the Darkness: Poetry of the Vietnam War, Texas Tech University Press, 1989.  
  Retrieving Bones: Stories & Poems of the Korean War, Rutgers University Press, 1999. (with Philip K. Jason)  
  Demilitarized Zones: Veterans After Vietnam, East River Anthology, 1976. (with Jan Barry)  
  Chapbooks: Poetry  
  Wolves in Winter, Between Shadows Press, 2021.  
  Praying at the Altar, Adastra Press, 2017.  
  They Want Enough Rice, (bi-lingual English/Japanese; Yoko Shirai, trans.) Japan Women's University, Tokyo, 2015.  
  Sleeping with the Dead, Adastra Press, 2006.  
  A Sort of Peace: Echoes and Images of the Vietnam War , Fox Photo Arts, 2005. (with photographer Don Fox)  
  Greatest Hits: 1970-2000, Puddinghouse Press, 2001.  
  Mostly Nothing Happens, Adastra Press,1996.  
  Winter Bells , Adastra Press, 1988.  
  Channel Fever, Backstreet Editions, 1982.  
  Matters of the Heart, Adastra Press, 1981.  
  Empire, Samisdat, 1978.  
  Rootless, Samisdat, 1977.  
  A Generation of Peace (Revised), Samisdat, 1977.  
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