W. D. Ehrhart  


Adastra Press
16 Reservation Road, Easthampton, MA 01027; (413) 527-3324

Book Titles:
    From the Bark of the Daphne Tree, 2013
    The Bodies Beneath the Table, 2010
    Beautiful Wreckage: New & Selected Poems
, 1999
    The Distance We Travel, 1993
    The Outer Banks, 1984
Chapbook Titles:
    Praying at the Altar, 2017
    Sleeping with the Dead, 2006
    Mostly Nothing Happens, 1996
    Winter Bells, 1988
    Matters of the Heart, 1981
    Praying at the Alter  
Between Shadows Press
PO Box 394, Denville, NJ 07834; betweenshadowspress@gmail.com

Chapbook Title:
    Wolves in Winter: Poems 2019-2021, 2021    
    Wolves in Winter                
East River Anthology

Book Title:
    Demilitarized Zones: Veterans After Vietnam, 1976    (with Jan Barry)
    photo of DMZ cover                
Fox Photo Arts

Book Title:
    A Sort of Peace: Echoes and Images of the Vietnam War, 2005
    (with photographer Don Fox)

photo: a sort of peace
Japan Women's University
Tokyo, Japan

Chapbook Title:
    They Want Enough Rice (bi-lingual English/Japanese; Yoko Shirai, trans.), 2015
photo: They Want Enough Rice
McFarland & Company, Incorporated Publishers
P.O. Box 611, Jefferson, North Carolina 28640; (336) 246-4460; www.mcfarlandpub.com


Book Titles:
    What We Can and Can't Afford: Essays on Vietnam, Pariotism and American Life, 2023
    Passing Time (revised edition), 2022
    Thank You for Your Service: Collected Poems, 2019
    W. D. Ehrhart in Conversation, 2017
    Dead on a High Hill: Essays on War, Literature and Living 2002-2012, 2012
    The Madness of It All: Essays on War, Literature and American Life, 2002
    In the Shadow of Vietnam: Essays, 1977-1991, 1991
    Passing Time: Memoir of a Vietnam Veteran against the War, 1989
    Going Back: An Ex-Marine Returns to Vietnam, 1987
    Vietnam-Perkasie: A Combat Marine Memoir, 1983

    photo photo busted Thank You for Your Service WDE In Conversation doahh-cover  
Moonstone Press
110A S 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107; www.mcfarlandpub.com
Book Title:
    At Smedley Butler's Grave, 2023
Smedley Bultler Book Cover
New Voices Publishing Company

Book Title:
    A Generation of Peace, 1975
Pudding House Publications
Now available from Kattywompus Press: http://www.kattywompuspress.com/content/ehrhart-wd

Chapbook Title:
    Greatest Hits 1970-2000, 2001
Rutgers University Press
100 Joyce Kilmer Avenue, Piscataway, New Jersey 08854-8099; (800) 446-9323; http://rutgerspress.rutgers.edu

Book Title:
    Retrieving Bones: Stories and Poems of the Korean War, 1999     (with Philip K. Jason)

Book Title:
    The Samisdat Poems, 1980
Chapbook Titles:
    Empire, 1978
    A Generation of Peace (Revised), 1977
    Rootless, 1977
Temple University Press
Book Title:
    Ordinary Lives: Platoon 1005 and the Vietnam War, 1999
Texas Tech University Press
P.O. Box 41037, Lubbock, Texas 79409-1037; (806) 742-2982, (800) 832-4042; www.ttup.ttu.edu

Book Titles (W. D. Ehrhart Editor):
    Carrying the Darkness: The Poetry of the Vietnam War, 1989
    Unaccustomed Mercy: Soldier-Poets of the Vietnam War , 1989
Thunder's Mouth Press

Book Title:
    To Those Who Have Gone Home Tired, 1984
University of Massachusetts Press
P.O. Box 429, Amherst, MA 01044; (413) 545-2217;  www.umasspress.com

Book Titles:
    Passing Time: Memoir of a Vietnam Veteran against the War, 1995
    Vietnam-Perkasie: A Combat Marine Memoir, 1995
    Busted: A Vietnam Veteran in Nixon's America, 1995
Viet Nam Generation, Inc. & Burning Cities Press

Book Title:
    Just for Laughs, 1990
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